Contact persons


“Capable of action!”

All strategic management decisions go through his desk.

Günter Würtinger

Managing director

"For the boards that mean the world"

Mr. Harry Schaffrian is our man for Nitro, L1, Madrid, Swox & Eivy. Mr. Schaffrian is addicted to board sports. If it’s a board, you can ride it, whether on snow, asphalt or water. Mr. Schaffrian is responsible for field sales for Nitro/L1/Madrid/Eivy throughout Austria and for Swox OÖ/NÖ/W/B/Stmk.

Harry Schaffrian

External sales

"The man from the mountains."

The man for O’Neill and XPOOOS in the western states. As a Tyrolean, he brings with him great experience about the trading structures and needs of our customers in these parts of our country. He enthusiastically practices the sports that he and his products represent.

Andreas Neurauter

External sales

“Good from experience.”

Mr. Lahr supports the Fun Factory Trading – O’Neill customers in Eastern Austria in the field service. Thanks to his many years of experience, Mr. Lahr is a reliable and knowledgeable employee who makes the best use of his knowledge of his market for our customers.

Rudolf Lahr

External sales

"He's keeping an eye on you!"

Mr. Holger Mosshammer coordinates the back office and, in particular, takes care of all matters relating to the O’Neill brand. Since he keeps every piece of goods “on the radar” from the moment it arrives to its destination, he always keeps an eye on our customers.

Holger Mosshammer

Inside sales

“There for our customers for over 20 years”

She is your contact person for all internal sales matters relating to the Nitro Snowboards and Jerry Madrid brands.

Viktoria Würtinger

Inside sales

"The creative mind"

Mrs. Nadine Haupt is not only responsible for the further development and support of the planning of the new NITRO & L1 premium goods textile collections, but also involved in the marketing department for Fun Factory.

Nadine Haupt

Product development & marketing

"We're counting on her."

Together with Mrs. Zödl, Mrs. Benninger coordinates all financial affairs of Fun Factory Trading.

Sonja Benninger


"We're counting on him."

Together with Mrs. Sonja Benninger, Mr. Klaus Zödl coordinates all financial affairs of Fun Factory Trading.

Klaus Zödl


"00 01 00 11 10 11 00 11 01 01 00 11 10!"

Mr. Klaus Staffenberger looks after the entire IT system in our company. Mr. Staffenberger thus creates the basis for connecting the individual departments in Fun Factory Trading communicatively and organizationally.

Klaus Staffenberger


"Come on! Complain"

Mr. Manuel Reichl is responsible for logistics and complaints.
We try to deliver the goods in the best possible way in advance, but sometimes there are problems with the products. Mr. Reichl and his team will take care of finding a quick solution to your complaints.

Manuel Reichl

Logistics & Complaints

"A man for all occasions"

Mr. Markus Parzmair heads shipping Nitro International. He now knows all the cases that can occur when deliveries are sent to Australia, Iran or South Africa. Cases looking for quick and effective solutions. But no problem for our case man!

Markus Parzmair

Logistics International


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